The Power of Belief

Joe Jitsukawa
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The craziest thing about being a human being is that whatever we believe is real becomes real.

Most of our world is made up of what we see. We all share the same world, same physical place, but all of our experiences are different. Why is that?

The way we see the world and the way we see reality is different from each other depending on our beliefs.

How are beliefs formed? Especially when we are younger our beliefs are based off of our environment growing up, what our parents or family taught us, and our group of friends.

I grew up in a low income neighborhood and went to a troubled high school which was ranked #2 in drug dealing in the state. We had race riots, stabbings, gang fights, and we even had a police station inside the school. Everyone around me had zero interest in going to college and we believed that college was for rich smart kids that could afford to go.

I BELIEVED my destiny was to work at fast food, a grocery store, or make a living selling drugs because that’s what everyone around me did to make money and a living.

Little did I know that I was already setting up those expectations in my head and I just didn’t know what else was possible for me. All I knew was that all the kids that sold drugs had the nicest shoes and the nicest cars, so that was my only way to get those things.

I used to think “maybe if I grew up in a different town, in a different environment, had different friends, etc. I would have become a completely different person and my life would be much easier.”

I started to accept my situation and become a product of my environment. But over time, I would hear stories of people that made it out of worse environments than I grew up. They went from orphans or came from war torn countries to making it in America.

How could someone with LESS than me reach that point and I can’t even figure it out?

Eventually something magical started to happen. I changed the way I looked at my situation.

I started to ask myself “WHY?” and think about what made the other “rich” kids or kids that lived differently lives than me…. What was the difference between us?

We have the same brains, I’m able to learn new things, I have a good work ethic, but I just didn’t see the connection of getting from where I was to getting to where those people were.

These types of thoughts planted the seed for my future success. I started to ask myself questions rather than accepting a simple fate like “I was born into this environment, so this is who I have to become.”

I would ask “how did they get there?”, “what did they do?”, “what could I do to get there?”, etc.

Remember...  everything we believe becomes real.

I believed that there was a way to get out of my situation and my environment.

I believed if someone far worse off than me can do it... then I should be able to do it too.

I believed that if I found that way I would be able to work towards it and try my best.

That simple belief allowed me to get to where I am today.

I didn’t let myself fail before I started. I didn’t look for all the reasons why I could fail because there are so many of them that anyone would be demoralized from it.

It sounds so simple, but everything starts with a belief.

If you believe you can or you believe you can’t; you are both usually right.

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