Making Yourself Lucky

Joe Jitsukawa
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What if I told you that you can create your own luck? This is a concept that I learned over a decade ago and I realized how powerful it can be when taken seriously!

Many people use the phrase "oh you're so lucky," "they're so lucky because..." or "if only I didn't have bad luck I would have..." etc.

These people aren’t unlucky—they are just choosing to blame bad luck because it’s an easier thing to do than to accept what’s really going on.

Before I jump into this topic I have to put a disclaimer out there… Yes, there are people that are ACTUALLY unlucky. Unlucky to be born in a bad situation, bad health conditions, random acts of violence, and all of those unfortunate events.

Most people are really lucky to not have to go through any of that in their lifetimes, but yet find a way to say they are unlucky because things aren't going their way.​​

What this blog is about is that I will try helping you dispel that limiting belief and taking control of your own luck.

It's about being able to manufacture your own luck​​ and increase your chances of "winning" big and getting all the things you want in today's world.

Luck isn't as random as we think it is! Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Growing up I used to think that all rich people were lucky because they were either born rich, they won the lottery, or they found a once in a lifetime opportunity that wasn’t available to me.

It's easier to say that someone that is successful got lucky rather than looking at how much time and preparation they did before finding an opportunity to become successful.

I never took into consideration their backstory and the things behind the scenes that I never saw. All the failures, all the emotions, all the betrayals, all of the negative and hard road it really took to become successful.

It was just easier for me to discount or diminish their success and say it was all due to luck. Now that I’m in the same position as those people that I thought were lucky; I just want to go back and slap my younger self and say “WAKE UP!”

All I had to do was believe it was possible for me regardless of how “unlucky” I felt to be born into a broken household, gang-infested environment, no role models or mentors around me. Once I believed it was possible to make it out; all I had to do was continue working towards that goal. I continued working towards it and I finally got my big break through YouTube.

Is it considered lucky that I started putting out videos on YouTube at it’s baby stages and automatically became successful or am I lucky because I continued to pursue my craft and when something new came along I took advantage of that opportunity?

Remember we create our own luck. If you put in the hard work on your craft or whatever you want to be doing… it’s just a matter of time before an opportunity comes your way and you have all the necessary ingredients to take advantage of it.

Most people wait for opportunity to come to them before they prepare and by that time it’s already too late.

Create your own luck and you’ll thank yourself later down the line!

If you think about it; we are already extremely lucky to be alive! You have a one in 400 TRILLION chance of being born.

Don't let that go to waste!

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